07 september 2010

Part of me

I miss dancing. So terribly. Dancing is a creative outlet that lets you portray your feelings. When I have my mood swings (oh yes, my mood can be a roller coaster), and I feel a little down, dancing makes me feel better; even for just a moment it eases the pain and nothing exists except for you and the music... I remember when I was is primary school and me and the girls were making up routines to Spice Girls, I was Sporty Spice! My biggest with at that time was to be able to do a back flip... We used to force one of the guys in our class to join us if there was a male singer in the song. He was taught the regular step... The 'step out, step together, step out, step together', remember? I think we've all done it as some point! After five years of watching us perform in front of the class our teacher had had enough and she limited the number of performances one person was allowed to make. It was devastating. Haha, good times. How about all the times we've stood in front of the mirror in our rooms and danced. Mum caught me once in year 8 trying to learn one of the 'sexy' dance moves that were originating in the music videos. She pointed and laughed. Thanks mum. I didn't do it again. Well, I did, but I made sure to close the blinds!
Another great memory is when I battled Dani at the European Championships, didn't hold back and it was hilarious. We rocked it! Oh and in G-burg, at the "culture party", me and Barry made our own dance floor at the square outside Saluhallen, where a jazz band were playing. West coast, east coast, we danced it all! Correction. Tried to dance it all... In wellingtons on cobble stones, not the easiest thing in the world! We caught a crowd though and received standing ovation! Gosh, I miss dancing.

I watched Step up 3D and yes the story is thin and whatever criticism you want to say about the film BUT the dancing is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Check it out if you haven't already!

"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word." 
~Mata Hari

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