14 september 2010

Potato pizza

Outfit of the day! Due to the rain you do not want to see how I looked after cycling to the train station in pissing rain... Hair was already wet from washing, so wasn't too bad, but still; not happy!
Colours aren't being done justice to, but what you are seeing
 is a chiffongy dress from Bikbok and my new 
favourite knitted cardigan from Åhlens...
I finally got my act together and applied for rental allowance! Not that difficult, but as a student so worth it! Hope I get a quick reply with some monies rolling in....
So good to finally have it done!
 Go on money, you know you want to be spent by me!
Met up Fynn, who'll be here for 2,5 weeks, maybe we'll get to find out what a "normal" relationship is like...?
We went food shopping and spent a staggering amount of 750 SEK and that was after a 10% discount check that I had. Malmö is so nice, I've gotten so many discount checks and offers in the mail that I thought I'd died and gone to discount heaven! We bought food for the entire week and hopefully even longer. Loads of basic stuff like flour to bake bread etc. Tonight we've mde a potatopizza with union, sundried tomato and feta cheese. Haven't tasted it yet but if successful will post the recipe!
My man baking away... Don't for a second think 
that just because I'm of the female gender this is my job. 
No no, in Sweden we work with equality so all you men; 
get some flour on those hands and start kneading!
Food time!

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