03 september 2010

Thrilling news!

Before I say anything else I want to share with everyone a wonderful news that has had me crying for the last 10 minutes! My lovely cousin Jemma is engaged! Adorable Mr Jethro asked her last tuesday, on a boat in Central Park, New York. Soo romantic! CONGRATULATIONS!

So before this exciting announcement I have attended my second lecture, one that I was late to. I told you, never trust the trains with SJ, you can bet your life that they'll be late! And I had 20 minutes of "safety" in case of delay... Didn't do me much... I did have the best start though. Hotel breakfast! Is there any better type of breakfast? Doubt it! 
A few days ago I found my old skirt I bought at Ester's in Eskilstuna years ago. Thought about giving it away but I think pure laziness kept me from it and it goes to show that you shouldn't throw things away because it will be back in fashion a few years later... Knee-long skirt matched with my favourite top from a second-hand shop in Marais, Paris and a key neckless also from Paris, a market in Clignancourt, not to be missed if ever in the fashion capital!

Randomness! I met Claire, an old exchange student from Canada in Lund! Today! We looked at each other a few times, she was standing with UNICEF and gave me a paper and I just had to ask. Her Swedish is amazing! I have a feeling that Lund will carry great things.........

After class and some event for new students I went home (train was late, surprise...), did some cleaning, went to Astrid och aporna (Gustav Möllers gata 2, Malmö) a fully ecological, vegetarian and fair trade food shop and did my grocery shopping. It's not massively cheap, but it's good quality products and certain things like Goji berries are really not that expensive. Best thing is that you walk away with a clear conscience. I made falafel, rice and fried vegetables today, so good! An excessive amount of olive oil and just a press of lemon juice and the veggies tastes like heaven...

I'm now sitting in my cosy reading chair with my newest purchase, an oversize cardigan! So much talk about the oversize jumpers and
cardigans and whatever you can find... Not massively keen on the trend but I'm converting. Sitting with my cosy cardigan on now I cannot say anything but I love it! 

Have a good night people!

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