16 september 2010

Made by No One

After a proper study session with Annika, Emelie and Stina from my class we went into town to do some shopping! Yay my money has arrived finally. Stupid thing though... Because I consider myself having an exceptional memory, especially when it comes to numbers I didn't bring my passwords for my CSN bank card. Bad idea Madeleine. Think I got struck by a  small dose of hubris cause do you think I remembered my password? Of course not... Not to my internet bank nor the actual code for my card... But nevermind, at least I have money on it! And I spent some!
My first day in Malmö I decided to take a walk and stumbled upon an adorable little vintage shop called Made by No One. A well stocked shop where the owners, two gorgeous girls, travel Europe and handpick items.
Today I bought this jumper:
Perfect for winter!
If in Malmö you should definitely check this shop out! My clear favourite so far...

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