09 september 2010


Now that I finally have an ironing board I could inaugurate my skirt from London (march!). I love it!
Love the pockets! The top is from United Colors of Benetton, the most comfortable basic top I've owned!
Well worth the money for the quality!
Been at school all day. Philosophy... Too much flum for me, I think it's very interesting but it's just difficult for me. I'm not used to finding a subject this hard and I'm stressing so much about it that my right eye lid has developed a twitch! So annoying. Time to breathe and just trust that I'll get it to stick eventually.

We had a kick-off with the course today, I man from Kenya told us his amazing and quite frightening story about undercover work to gather a case in the international court against a war criminal. He nearly lost his life in the process and out of the original seven involved only two survived. He didn't regret one second of it though. Thereafter, they showed a film called White as Blood (own transl) about a woman of Afrikaan roots returning to South Africa struggling with the guilt of her grand parents who were involved in the Apartheid. An interesting take, where you go past the general history and straight into a family, feels closer and more concrete. An enjoyable film followed by food and mingeling.
Lecture at 8 am tomorrow and first day at my new job! Exciting!
Good night

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