13 september 2010

Working gal

So I'm back! Finally have internet again. Do not use Tele2 Comviq surf, they only trick you, its all about the money... Capitalism, lets not go there...

I've done my first two shifts at Wallmans in Helsingborg. It's about 45 minutes with train away, but I quite enjoy going by train so that's not a problem. Here are some of my colleagues! The first and certainly not the lasts pictures I will take.
It's an interesting concept of performing artists waitressing, it's a very personal service. I enjoy it, I'd quite like to go one day myself, even if it is Schlager. As usual the restaurant business is all about fucking. Don't know how many times I heard sex during the weekend. One thing that surprised me was that they always make a vegetarian course, which I have never experienced before at a workplace. So happy!

I have a question. Not very interesting but it just beats me. What the hell does girls do in the toilet for 10 minutes? I mean I go in, I pee, I look in the mirror and I get out. 5 minutes top! I can understand if they do number two, but honestly, how many girls do nr 2 in a public toilet? Well, admit to doing it anyway... The girl who went in before me definitely did nr 2, but still, in general us girls take forever in the toilet, what do you do?! No wonder why ther's always such a line to the ladies... We should learn form men, get in get out.

Don't miss Robyn's new album! Body talk pt. 2 is out now on Spotify! I'm listening, I'm liking...

I'm finally getting my CSN in a few days! Bout time, my shopping desire is burning in my fingers and with 300 SEK (30 euros) in my bank account, I can barely afford to buy food, I think my slim budget has been the reason to my weight drop (involuntarily to be added!)... I can't wait to go to Made by No One, in Malmö and investigate...

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