08 september 2010


I killed a spider yesterday. I didn't vacuum it, I killed it with my bare hands. A big (size of my pinkie finger nail) black spider that decided to take the lethal passage in the valley of my bed and the wall, big mistake my friend! This is a big event as this is the first spider I have killed without completely freaking out and crying. No tears were shed, no screaming was let out. I handled it like a man. A gay man... But I handled it! R.I.P underneath the paper bag you creature of earth.
Pretty fucking scary, no?!
I have also found another person with a phobia for ants! About time, thought I was the only one... Annika, my dear Sthlm girl never entered a forest for two years because of her fear. I feel better now, knowing that I'm not completely insane. Thank you!

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