20 september 2010

SD what the fuck?!

This weekend has been boring, Friday night Fynn and I were feeling sorry for ourselves in the couch, beingboth struck by a cold. Saturday we didn't get much done, I went to work at Wallmans, so stressful and not feeling well didn't improve the matter. Sunday we were a miserable twosome. We attempted a shopping round which included voting and finding a bar that showed the football, Liverpool - Man U (2-3). Firstly, the voting station was closed on the election day... I'm sorry? Am I the only person finding this strange? So after a chat with some other confused voters Fynn and I stalked a man to the City hall so I could vote. I shall comment the result later.
After the success of finding voting station followed a failure (to my surprise but not to my disappointment) by not finding a bar i centre town that showed the premier league! Shocking... So Sunday turned into a snuffle and coughing fest in the flat instead...

I woke up today at 4 am with shock remembering that I had a lecture at 9. I unwillingly set my alarm and tried to go bck to sleep. Grabbing a Metro and stepping on the train I had another shock. The Sweden Democrats are officially in Parliament. A racist party in Parliament in Sweden. How did this happen? This will be four interesting years... The Alliance did not get a majority and has to reach out to another party. They have promised the people to never cooperate with the Sweden Democrats, but that leaves only the opposing parties that in their turn have promised to never cooperate with the Moderates and the Alliance in a whole... Bit of a dilemma I'd say. Interesting to see (I don't see an if here) which party will have to break their promise...

All I have done today...
Working hard or hardly working?
Working hard actually!

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