21 september 2010


Yesterday I brought Fynn and his man flu to Lund for an UNICEF meeting. I'm guessing everyone kind of knows what unicef is, but just in case it was created after WWII to provide clothes, food and health care to children. In 1953 it became a permanent part of the UN and it now works for children in 190 countries. I'm quite excited about becoming involved, think it'll be very interesting and very awarding. In Sweden they do mostly fundraising but in a few weeks we'll get to go on a field trip to the supply storage in Copenhagen, where they store all the eqiupment and supplies. Exciting!
Audrey Hepburn for Unicef
I just got back from my first dance class at Malmö dansakademi. Decided to try modern jazz this term and first class was good. Danced to Skunk Anansies - Hedonism, just because you feel good. Turn back the time to the 90's and reminiscence!

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