25 september 2010


We continued the evening with making loads of food, a vegetarian lasagne, hamburgers with juniper berries (?) served with rice and Björn's special swedish brown sauce and finished off with apple crumble pie....
Björn and his lovely girlfriend Anna
working hard in the kitchen
Thumbs up!
Apple crumble made of apples from the garden, it was very good! Thank heavens for that, because Fynn fractured his knuckle in the picking process! Don't know how he manages....
Thereafter, we managed to tear the guys from Thibau's Ipad to head over to Hg's where Enrique worked his first shift in the bar.... We're all standing talking with our drinks when I suddenly see someone I think I recognise and two seconds after we shock the place with ear-numbing screeching. BILLIE!! ooooh billie du fattar vad det handlar om!! Sooo random! I'd completely forgot that she was going to study in Linköping... A very nice reunion between two former work colleagues from Trosa.
And the trip is over for this time. I really miss the time we all shared in Paris. I'm glad some of you all aren't too far away and I can assure you there will be a new visit soon!

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