16 augusti 2012


Last night I read an article that confirmed all my worst anticipations concerning climate change. I cried. Bill McKibben presented in his article Global Warming's Terrifying New Math three numbers that will change our life forever.

1. 2 degrees. With the climatic changes we are seeing today the top climate scientists are putting 2 degrees as the upper level of what we will be able to handle. After that we will see catastrophic changes. Changes that will not only require us to adapt but animals and plants. Now, we might have the technology to be able to handle all the changes to the climate but will plants and animals adapt? What will happen to food? We're already in a bit of a food crisis...

2. 565 gigatons is how much more carbon we can let out in the atmosphere if we want to stop at 2 degrees,

3. 2 795 gigatons is how much industry have planned to let out. It's their current assets which define the value of their company. This is five times as much as the 2 degrees limit can handle. On top of that, all the oil and gas companies are planning to keep drilling in new places, wherever they can. They are thrilled that the arctic ice is melting because it means that they can explore it for oil and gas. You know what, they already have permits!

So in light of these numbers, anyone else who feel as hopeless as me?

If we want our future to look somewhat bright we need to push for political change. Only then are we going to be able to stop the oil and gas companies. And yes it will be expensive but in the end money is only made up by thin air...

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