06 augusti 2012

"Natural" gas

The name is confusing as natural gas is not a renewable, clean and green energy. Especially not if extracted by using the method of fracking.

Fracking is the process of drilling a well and pouring a liquid containing 596 toxic chemicals into the well to fracture the shale and free up natural gas. Each "frack" requires 1-8 million gallons of water and each well can be "fracked" up to 18 times. Add to this the transport of the water and the contamination and the image drawn isn't pretty. On top of this, every frack requires up to 300 tonnes of chemicals which haven't been disclosed because of a law protecting the gas companies. However, substances such as benzene have been identified.

Now if this energy source is so "safe" then why are the gas companies exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act (1974)? Why do people have to sign non-disclosure agreements? Act 13 requires doctors treating people for fracking related illnesses, that is exposure to harmful chemicals, to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It is shocking really.

Recent studies confirms that fracking is linked to an increase in earthquakes and seismic activity in the US and the UK.

Fracking is extremely unsafe, expensive and harmful to humans, animals and the environment.  

Want to know more? Watch Gasland or just surf the internet. If in Perth, join the No Fracking WAy on FB.

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