21 augusti 2012

Wide eyes, Blind love

Busy times! Studies, work and fun mark my week. Can't complain. Dasha wrote today on FB to see the positive in life and I really needed to hear that. I am stuck in all the negative info about what we are doing to the environment. However, I'm not going to achieve anything being miserable... So here are all the positive events and people in my life this past week:

Myself - This week will be a positive one!
 Anti-fracking protest
Nice to feel like you are actively trying to make a difference

Spent the day in town with beautiful Victoria, being evacuated from Harbour Town, eating sushi and drinking coffee in the sun at South Perth foreshore. 

Gil's last night out:
You will be missed by us all 
Sorry about the poor quality photos...
Linn's fake pregnancy belly
My foam cider. That's what happens when you drop it...
Probably should have left it in hind sight.
Had my first two day hang over.....
Won $10 off Anthony! Woop woop!
Where did they go?
Sunday roadtrip to Bunbury with Victoria, Emma and Ellen
Here at some winery. It was a painful but beautiful day...

Sunday dinner with Gil and poisson d'or staff. Last meal...

Tomorrow I'm going to see Passenger, my favourite artist at the moment. Nothing else is playing in my speakers at the moment!

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