11 maj 2013


Time goes so fast at the moment. Too quickly for comfort... Last weekend I pretty much just worked. 6.30 - 4.30 Thursday - Saturday plus Sat night & Sun morning shift at Harvest. Phew glad that's over! That week was certainly not balanced in terms of study, internship, work & general well being.

Friday night was reggae night. Oh good ol' reggae, there's no better music to dance to.
You can't help but to love life with this view.
 We're jammin' at Mojo's

 This photo was just a mistake, trying to do too many things at once, but I like it.
I blame Shane & Snapchat.

My internship at The Wilderness Society is the highlight of every week. It's what every job should be like. Just getting paid to do what you are passionate about with awesome like-minded people.
Things can get pretty crazy at the office........
TWS fundraiser for the Court Case against EPA & State Govt is coming up on Oceans Day 8th June and invitations are being sent out! (if you want to come you can buy tickets at bit.ly/waves2013)
Looking pretty suave if you ask me!
Awesome WAG meeting at Gordon St Garage Café - revealing each others most embarrassing moments. (mine was when I spilled beer on Luke from Beverley Hills, but Sat night I walked into a tree which was pretty embarrassing as well....)

 Wednesday night was pretty epic. One of those spontaneous nights that just turn out to be awesome. My housemate and I went for a glass of wine at the Wine Store in East Freo. (they have $2 tapas every Wednesday!), followed by another drink at the French winebar Whisper before going to see Kon-tiki, a Norwegian film based on real events. It was really good, can recommend it! *thumbs up!*

I've been trying to figure out what I will/want to/can do now that I am graduating in a month. Scary & exciting! I'm looking for jobs here in Perth and have pretty much exhausted every possible contact I have. I don't want to jinx anything so I won't say anything else about that. If I don't get a job here in Perth I might work during the Swedish summer, apply for a master and go travelling a bit. Who knows what will happen.

Making someone's day is one of the best feelings in the world...
You should try it.

Off to the work again. I am slightly over hospitality. Slightly...

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  1. hahahaha Jag älskar det här inlägget! Det var det bästa på länge, inte alls useless!! Så spännande med alla möjligheter som ligger framför dig, det kan ju bli precis vad som helst. Och ditt internship låter underbart.

    Och angående träd-incidenten, jag har gått in i en lyktstolpe en gång, haha hur lyckas man?! Och ännu roligare; min syrra har gått rakt in i ett blankt Lindex-skyltfönster och slagit av en bit av ena framtanden! hahaha

    Och riktigt nice bilder med!