10 december 2011

Julklappstips 10


One of the most bought and appreciated gifts I suppose. Why not invest in ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery?

Tiny Masters - has a range of "eco jewellery" supplied by ECOGULD. Their gold and silver is ethically harvested and they are involved in projects rto restore and improve eco systems where mining has occurred/is occurring.

ute decker - really cool sculptured jewellery.
Avasarah - unfortunately I just saw that this store is closed due to illness. Hopefully they'll open up soon again. These are some of my favourites: They can also be found with words like dreams, hope, calm
Eco jewellery tend to be hand-made, which is great but makes it rather expensive. However, considering the lessened cost on the environment I think it's definitely worth it! There is always vintage shopping as well...

I'm considering buying myself some inspiration.

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