08 oktober 2010


So this week has been exam week... Explains my lack of presence.
It was hard but I must admit rather fun to be back to writing essays. I've missed the time at IB, crazy I know...

I'm in Eskilstuna to visit my dear clumpsy mum who fell in the stairs at home. She's fine but has an infected foot. I'm still a bit afraid of death and accidents since the Paris accident... It'll pass with time I guess. I still delt I needed to come up for a while, sort out the apartment and such...

I decided to go shopping a little bit, celebrating my finished essays! Didn't find anything really in the big department stores, nothing speaks to me... Well, almost nothing, I did find a nice knitted top, very common, but I liked the colour.
Love it!
 and this bow in chiffong
So pretty!
I also invested in a new face serum and cream for the cold chilly days of winter. A very gay guy recommended Lumene so after years with clinique I accept that my studenthood does not allow for these luxurious ways... I think I'll be O.K.

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