27 oktober 2010

Lectures and fika

I ended up only going to the first lecture today, but it was great! Lory Dance talked about social structural and institutional discrimination, especially in the US. Very interesting. We also got to watch the film Startrek to analyse if we could find some examples of discrimination against Spock, gender, Kirk etc. Interesting approach!

The second one I missed but I got some very interesting info about my possible erasmus exchange. I might be able to go to Geneve and study international studies and an intensive French course, that would be perfect!
I also got some of the reading done, now I just have to read 70 pages for the seminar.. B.b.b.boring.... Our techer is good but not very inspirational... And at the moment I'm finding it hard to inspire myself...

The fairtrade fika was a minor success, everyone thought it was good, but it was mostly my classmates there haha. I tried to get passers-by but yelling: Come and have some fika, it's fairtrade! just gave me suspicious looks whereas filling in "it's free" made people stumble over their feet. Students!
Home-made carrot cake, brownies,
 chocolate-dipped bananas and much more!

My lovely classmates  

Now I am going to eat a fruit salad, drink lemon and ginger tea with fresh lemon, drink a litre of water and a glass of vitamin C water. Yes I am trying not to catch a cold....

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