25 oktober 2010

Boycott H&M

Due to yet another scandal at H&M factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia, it is time for us consumers to take a stand!

3 November, a wednesday, we will boycott H&M, the aim is for no one to enter a store in as many places as possible to show the chairmen of H&M that what they are doing is wrong!

Chairman Stefan Persson is the second richest man in Sweden, after Mr IKEA, and H&M made a profit of staggering 7.1 billion SEK last year. IS their economy really that strained that they cannot afford to pay their workers enough money for them to survive?
If Stefan Persson's riches were to be divided between 100.000 workers with a pay raise of 500 SEK the money would last for 283 years.... I think H&M can afford to raise their worker's pay to a fair level.

The day of the event I will write a letter to the board of H&M explaining why this is important, and because they are not taking responsibility we, as consumers, are.

Come on and spread this!


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