21 oktober 2010


Onya website

Is an online shop devoted to reducing "the impacts of our disposable culture."
They have a wide set of products, all from recyclable material, made to be reused! It ranges from bags and backpacks to food and water containers. They make it easy to eliminate plastic in some of our daily life!
They are situated in Britain but ship internationally and they are not very expensive! Their sister site reusablebottle.co.uk has a wide range of BPA (toxic substance found in most plastic material) FREE bottles in all kinds of designs. Take a look for yourselves! Personally I'm getting myself a stainless steel bottle from Onya, it'll cost me 100 SEK. Might seem a lot but it's only five disposable bottles. This will last me 10 years, and it will not have an equally big impact on the environment...


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