14 oktober 2010


My poor poor head has been assaulted by box rosé! Worth it though, was a good night even if the club was absolutely Shit. The DJ played the wrost possible house music, and when he decided to put some good commercial dance house he somehow managed to ruin the songs by remixing them to death. Annikas and my, a little bit more than moderate, drunkeness saved the night!
Yes, this was the best pic of the entire night...
The other photos have been firmly moved to the
 delete-destroy-don't-ever-watch-again box...
I got to meet her new corridor as well, all of them very nice, I almost want to move in to a corridor now. However, every time I step into the kitchen I change my mind... I'm hoping for many more good nights there! Got to speak with some aussies, only that makes the night worth it! Massive Australia-withdrawal syndrome yesterday, I'll have to start saving to go back...

Got a nice surprise in the mail today. My jewelleries have arrived! I ordered a customised bracelet, key-ring and a footlink that will arrive in a week. This girl is very talented and so cheap! I don't think she actually makes a profit, this was crazy cheap and she even sent them to me with a package and stamp to return if I wasn't happy with it! Well worth the two week wait for the jewellery.
Key-ring and bracelet by Cecilia Arnold, ROCIART.

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