09 oktober 2010

Wroom wrooooooom

Today I helped mum sort out some areas in the old apartment, so many old things, so many memories. Sven's son has moved in with his girlfriend and he happens to be friends with my first boyfriend, Christopher. I was 12 and we were together for I think three or so months. I remember that he gave me a beautiful pink cristal heart, which I still have in my little box of memories. Was a long time back then.... And among all the old memories an old love walked in... 10 years ago... It's funny though, because it still felt like we were friends, as if there was no way ten years ago had passed since we last saw each other. I think girls especially get attached to the first real crushes they have on boys, and it's fun to think back at the time when love was naiv, uncomplicated and just simple...

To the wrooom part! Sven took me out on their new motorbike today! Wow. Incredible. I borrowed my mum's bike set, little bit too big but it worked and off we went!

So excited!
We were gone for 1 h 20 min, just travelling on small roads with lots of curves, accelerated when the road stretched out straight, the power is amazing. It was so beautiful, the colours of the trees shifted in greens, reds and yellows, we saw lots of  roe deer and even mroe came out when the mist started to cover the fields. So peaceful in the midst of all that power and speed! Wroom wroom wroooooom...................

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