15 oktober 2010


On way to Möllevångstorget to meet my old room mate Alex from G-burg. Very excited, haven't seen her in a year now! Alex and Annmarie had quite an important impact on my life, they opened my eyes for ecological products, cooking, vegetarian food, the bohemian style, recycling, introduced me to some swedish reggae artists such as Luddee and some of the people from kultiration, Kapten Röd etc. In a way they changed my life.
New skirt, vintage and earring
 from  Made By No One, top from
H&M, my favourite nailpolish
Glowing Ruby from Isadora.
Love it so I put up with the
poor quality
I absolutely love my new skirt with its big pockets! Well worth its 198 SEK...

Oh, and I just have to say that if you haven't seen The Notebook, you are missing out, see it now! I watched it with Simon from my high school yesterday, and as a film student, even he loved it!

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