16 oktober 2010

Kidnap me. Please

Since when did I start having such bad hang overs?! I feel like I've been banging my head aginst the wall all night. I did fall and hit my head on the table but that does not explain the earthquake in my head. 

Despite my little tumble out of the couch I had one of the best nights in ages! Simon, from my high school class, and I went to Marcus friend Alex to have some drinks before going out. Lots of banter and music and dancing, apparently in english it's "swedish lindy hop", it's a very popular dance, especially among the older generations. I've danced lots with my mum and now with Marcus. Good fun! More than a little drunk we made our way to club Indigo, good indie pop and rock, we went nuts on the dance floor, can't even describe how much fun it was! 

Unfortunately Simon and I had to leave with the last train, which we just caught! I want to live in Lund!
Haha so trashy! But we had fun....

Marcus you are completely insane! =D

Waking up feeling like shit I decided to go for a walk and Simon willingly joined me. Went on a sightseeing of Malmö centre and down to the big park and fed the ducks. I've been wanting to feed them for long, they are so cute! I see them everyday I go running, they're my friends now haha

Weather is gorgeous! Please someone kidnap me and take me to the countryside, I don't want to work...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Maddie, good to read some about you...
    I guess, I was lucky to find out about your blog!
    keep in touch!
    Miss ya!
    Marcel (brazilian exchange student) =D

  2. that night was freakin crazy! :P

  3. and Marcel I'm so glad to hear from you! Why do you not have facebook?