27 oktober 2010

Slaughter of bottlenose dolphins

Yesterday the brutal slaughter of dolphins in the Cove began, this is what the Sea Sherpard wrote about the incident.

For the first time this season, the ruthless fishermen of Taiji, Japan have driven Bottlenose dolphins into the Cove. There are presently fifty-two dolphins behind two net enclosures in the Cove.
It does not look good. Earlier this morning, the fishermen moved the “gutting barge” into position, and the trainers have already moved in to select the ones they want for the aquarium slave trade.
We fear that the remainder—males, females, adults, juveniles, and babies—will be slaughtered within hours.
We need to make the Japanese government aware each and every time this atrocity occurs. We need to ask why they are letting this small town humiliate the entire nation of Japan with this barbaric practice that has no place in the 21st Century?

Ironically, at this very moment in Nagoya, the Japanese government is hosting the Biodiversity Conference. NGO’s and governments from around the world are in attendance, and yet not one word from any of them for the dolphins. Where are you, Greenpeace?  Where the hell are any of these groups that preach and raise money off of marine conservation but say nothing and do nothing about the horrific slaughter of dolphins and the destruction of marine biodiversity by these thugs in Taiji?

The Academy Award winning film, The Cove, has removed any pretence of ignorance from the public. All those who fail to speak up now are the willfully ignorant.

Within a few hours, the Cove will run red with blood once again, and the pathetic screams of dying dolphins will fill the air as the butchers stab and hack, slash and laugh in the face of all that is decent. 

We must stop them, for we can never rest until we do.

All 52 dolphins are now dead. Brutally slaughtered.

Read about it youselves at Sea Shepard

I wrote an email to the Japanese embassy in the U.S. jicc@embjapan.org is the email. Take a minute to write them to protect the dolphins! If enough people write maybe it'll make a difference. It is worth a try.
It really makes me sick to my stomch to think about the atrocities going on...

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