12 oktober 2010

Unicef supply division field trip

It was an early wake up call to head to Copenhagen and the unicef supply division. The main storage area, with warehouses also in Dubai, Shanghai and Panama if I'm not mistaken. In photos:

Unicef supplies the children of the world with everything from vaccin to school-in-a-box to toys and nutrition. They do not do food, but milk powder and a paste, similar to peanut butter, with a crazy amount of calories enriched with vitamins and minerals for quick nutrition. It was so educational to see and hear what they do, how much money goes into it, logistics, the ethics behind the suppliers etc etc. The helmets in one of the picture are bullet proof since they obviously are under tremendous risks in some areas...

On the way home me and two guys got stuck by the high-tec ticket machine. Must have been from the 60's! You could not buy two tickets at once, so all of us 17 people had to buy a ticket each. When it was my turn it wouldn't read neither of my cards and when it finally did I couldn't remember the code cause the numbers pad was all wrong! Complete brain freeze! So we missed another train. One of the guys paid all of our tickets and then we got on the train to Copenhagen to change to Malmö. Track 5. We wait and wait and the time is closing in. When we noticed that they had changed the track to 4 instead we ran across and missed it by 4 seconds. If we just would've looked left we'd have seen the damn train! Bit of a disaster but good bonding time...

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