23 oktober 2010


Last summer Hanna told me about this film. Sharkwater is a documentary aimed at raising awareness of the situation of sharks today. Shortly said, hundreds of thousands of sharks are killed every year, but that's not enough. The people are after their fins, they use longlines, catching anything and everything, pulling the sharks up and brutally cutting off their fins with a knife just to throw them back into the ocean again. The sharks unable to swim sink to the bottom of the ocean where it slowly drowns or is eaten alive.

If you want to watch the entire film you can see it HERE on youtube. I strongly recommend to see this documentary but I will prepare you for tears. Lots of tears...

Visit sharkwater.com to make a difference. 
A simple way to help is to refuse to eat at any restaurant that serves shark fin soup! Which many asian reastaurants do.... Walk out and make sure to state your reason clearly!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej ett litet grönt miljötips till dig;)

    iLoveGratis är en sajt där man kan skänka bort prylar och möbler man inte behöver istället för att slänga de, på så sätt sparar man pengar men samt hjälper mijön genom att du låter prylen återanvändas!

    På sajte finns nu 1000-tals prylar som skänks bort allt ifrån gardiner till soffor, bokhyllor och bilar.

    Tipsa gärna dina läsare om sajen:)


  2. Tack! Jag hittade just en symaskin! Underbart!