08 december 2010

Thinking about christmas presents?

Advice and suggestions for christmas presents that withstand the green och fairtrade critic eye and supports a more sustainable future:
1.   Make your own!
  • knit something warm for the cold winter days
  • make some traditional food, like fudge or the swedish "knäck"
  • a book filled with memories and photos (questionable from a green point a view)
  • remake something old eg. clothes, pillow cases, lampshades
  • make personalised bottles, jars, pots, cups 
  • spice your own snaps, easy and good recipes are widespread on the net
2.   Buy your present!
  • second-hand
  • fairtrade products
  • christmas markets are perfect for individually, locally made products
  • volunteer organisation shops
  • give a present that helps someone else. At unicef's website you can buy presents like vaccin, mosquito nets, school equipment etc http://www.unicef.se/stod-oss/gavoshop (svenska), http://www.musthavegifts.org/Worldvision/Default.aspx (for everyone!). Many volunteer organisations have similar campaigns, go and check it out!
  • Don't buy anything made in Japan, as they are still continually murdering dolphins in Taiji...
  • Soda streamer, if you are a fan of sparkling water
  • Organic wine, sparkling wine
  • stainless steel bottle (found at Onya)
3.   Give away activities!
  • theatre
  • musical
  • cinema
  • concert
  • invite friends for a nice dinner
  • vouchers for massage, acupuncture etc
  • dance lessons, cooking course etc
  • weekend away (by train...)
That's how far my imagination stretches at the moment, would appreciate any other suggestion and ideas you have!

Reducing the christmas consumption craze is not about completely abandoning the tradition of giving away presents but reforming these traditions to include more sustainable ways to enjoy our holidays. Please think twice about the christmas food as well! It doesn't only help the environment but it also saves you countless hours at the gym getting it off ;)

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