15 december 2010

Moved in, almost moved out

Gaah, is there anything worse than the move-out-clean?! Probably, but I'm not enjoying it one bit at the moment! My right arm hurts like a teenage boy's after all the scrubbing... and it's still not clean enough! After 30 min I gave up with getting the oven clean, I normally quite enjoy cleaning and since I've kept it clean it's not That bad, but it still takes frickin long, only bout half-done and giving away the keys tomorrow! Plus we got another seminar coming up on Friday, when will I have time to read the text?! Well, apparently tonight or tomorrow morning because my group is meeting at lunch tomorrow. Probably should have read it by then...

Anyway, there has been little fun the past week. Saturday I enjoyed a very fun, interesting and drunk night at Lone's. Drinks, games and dirty talks, unfortunately a couple of not-so-clean texts slipped away in the mist...
Oscar got caught in between Lone's fingers and
ended up looking sweet as a little 10 yr old girl
Julia's angel hair also got plaited
We then went on to a corridor fest, which wasn't to much to cheer for but Annike and I stayed on and danced the night away... until my bus left for Malmö that is... But no more late night buses! No more waiting for that stupid bus to come, no more commuting because *drumroll* I have moved into the new apartment in Lund! Woooooooo! It's a complete mess but whatever, only a few more days and then I head off up to Tunatown... I'm in serious lack of wardrobes after my last walk-in closet time so I still haven't unpacked most of my shit. I call it shit because honestly, I realised when packing that I barely use half the stuff I own...

Special thanks goes out to Patrick who was such a cutie-patotie and helped me move. Annika and Lisa also deserve big thank yous! Lisa also helped me get my new bed, much harder, better for my back, but we ended up having to push the seats forward in order to get the bed in the car so much that Lisa could barely steer! 
Unsafe but very funny....
Today we had cosy-christmas brunch at Julia's and it was very pleasant and enjoyable, you are all such nice and wonderful girls!! =)
On that positive note I shall finish off and try to go to bed, or read, or unpack... Gaah!

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  1. I think there was a general consensus that I looked like Obelix from the comics of Asterix, not a some juvenile lass!