21 januari 2011

Today I was up with the roosters, as we say in Sweden. Went to yoga this morning, very nice indeed but I think my muscles wondered what the frick I was doing, they were not very helpful until the deep relaxation...

Yesterday was a very nice day, the sun made a surprise visit all day blessing us with warmth and much needed vitamin D. I met up with Annika and Hanna for lunch at Lunds nation, food was quite nice but unlike Helsingkrona there was no dessert with the coffee. I like dessert. However, with all the chocolate I've been munching on I don't need dessert...
We then strolled around town, bought some flowers for our new rooms, I embarrassed myself at a technique store and did some food shopping before heading home. After a nice session of, have a guess... yoga! I met up with Annabel to attend Pub Retroar at Sydskånskan. Annika and Annabel's friend Kajsa also joined us. I completely missed the music because of relations and prostitution talks. T'was a wonderful evening.
I've finally unpacked all my clothes in
my new wardrobe now. Found my
lovely vintage skirt, perfect for the
spring weather!
Sun where art thou? Me missing you lots...

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