26 januari 2011

Pizzacake anyone?

Last night I was reminiscing a time of love, laughter, fashion flips and flops, late nights, wonderful people and amazing times... Paris indeed. Such a turbulent time but so fond memories... A shout out to all of you lovelies, I frickin miss you!
Every morning Julia and I had a cup of instant
coffee and milk before climbing the stairs of
My girl Jules
One of all the parks with my wonderful girls!
Crazy Canadian <3
First night out haha...
Pretty damn good times... I think we've done really well with the reunions so far but there sure is need for another one soon...

Back to Lund and today, or rather yesterday, Lone's birthday! Hip hip hurra! We explored the possibility of pizza and cake but into one and this is the result. 
 I'm no great pizza fan but it was a fun thing to try...

 I was glad I had cycled there and back....
T'was an interesting night, lots of fun and talks of man points. Basically just being rude, judgemental, inconsiderate, lazy you know, act like a man... Didn't fully understand the concept, but it sure scored some laughs!

I watched the stylists, new show with Sofi Fahrman and others, wasn't too impressed with the first task, create something fun with boring all black leggings and a top. Couldn't help but jump into my wardrobe and tear out some accessories... Think I did alright, I very often wear black and accessorize it though... Paris also made my fingers itch to go shopping, strut my stuff down St Michel, Ah, I miss Paris!
Very dark, but to my defence it was late
Can't wait for spring, when you don't have to think practically! Yesterday I looked like a frickin snowman after cycling to Lone's house, with my make up basically dripping off my face... Lets just say I looked stunning.

I should probably do some studying before Marcus comes by and we'll have a jam day... Doesn't quite sound as cool as a jam night...

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