04 januari 2011

The Broken Castle

Fynn and I have been into a good routine of 2 hours of work in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Yesterday we visited the Loch Ness, no I didn't see a monster, the Uruqhart Castle and Inverness.
It was windy!
The broken castle

Fynn's sister Claire
Loch Ness
Fynn and Claire nearly blowing away

Take one
Take two
When we'd had enough of wind and castle we drove into Inverness, got a little lost in the city and went on to watch Harry Potter! Yay, finally! It was really good I thought, it was a shame that we were right in the front though... Surprised they're allowed to have seats that close to the screen. But it was still a good film.

On our way home we made a stop at Aaron's, Fynn's brother, to have dinner, poor guy ruins the first stew by accidently pouring in about 100 ml of salt... Was beyond saving, so he had to start over, meanwhile we stuffed our faces with crisps, not a great idea. All in all it was a great day! 

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