28 januari 2011

Who killed the electric car?

is the name of the documentary I just watched. Very interesting, makes me want to kill the big oil and car companies even more... As if I didn't already hate them. Turns out, surprise surprise, that the people who killed the mandate to bring in electric cars in California also had powerful positions within car companies fighting against the motion and the hydrogen fuel cell bla bla bla... I recommend this film so much! and I urge anyone who is looking to purchase a new car to look into hybrid electric cars or preferably a fully electric driven car. As proven the technology exists, and it existed 15 years ago...
It irritates me so much that they are putting so much money into hydrogen fuel research when scientists are aware of the difficulty to store hydrogen and the limited resources, at the moment CERN in Switzerland has the biggest hydrogen tank and stands for a vast majority of the usage of the existing hydrogen. The research is just carried out to satisfy the need for research programme into fuels of the future. Well, hydrogen doesn't belong in this category...

Moving on to more fun things.... I thought I would have a quite night but as it turns out Sture Alléns is playing at Babel in Malmö! WOOOOO!! This old classic is called Lita på mig, (trust me).

Have a good night everyone!

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