27 januari 2011

Mixture of matters

So we were too late for the pub quiz yesterday, I had my 15 minutes of grumping (being bitter and grumpy) before we went to Annika met up with Alex and sat down at Krischans pub, enjoyed wine and beer and the night went on filled with conversations about the problems of our nations, occasionally Denmark also came in to the picture... For some reason the subjects of convo always turns to politics, education and the government whenever Marcus is with us... The evening was enjoyed in a spirit of respect, laughter and sufficient seriousness, it was all very friendly
most of the time....

On another not completely unrelated subject, that is politics and fun, check this out:http://satwcomic.com/judgement-day

Wednesday one of the crew of Sea Shepherds swan intot he cove when the banger boats came in with a pod of dolphins, it raised all hell, but it's not illegal! Yet... They keep the slaughtering going strong, please send an occasional email or an occasional call to an embassy. This contact form (Japanese minister of fisheries) takes literally one minute to complete  https://www.contact.maff.go.jp/maff/form/114e.html 
If you feel like a little cry you can always watch The Cove or Sharkwater...

The analysis, The Future of Sharks: A Review of Action and Inaction (PDF, 1.1 MB), uses fisheries information provided to the UN FAO to identify the top 20 shark-catching countries and other entities, and then assesses whether they have taken the management and conservation measures they agreed to in 2001. 

Which, I'm sure you understand, they are no where near to achieve. I don't really think they've even tried, the agreement looks good internationally so until there's an outcry it's enough for them. Well, hopefully the outcry is beginning...
Interesting fact: More people are killed by falling vending machines than by sharks...

Why can't I spend as much time studying for my university degree as I do with these things?

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