11 januari 2011

Madeleine the Builder

I've got a wardrobe! And not just any wardrobe but the best kind... Free!!
And I had amazing luck and help to move it, what would girls do without boys to carry out their dirty work?

Anyway, Marcus and I collaborated nicely and managed to get this giant wardrobe back in its complete state, couple of a screws missing here and there, nothing I worry too much about... The colossal is, however, placed close to my bed so maybe I should worry...? Naah. I trust my building skills...

Got our home exam today. I'm screwed. I'm so stupendously screwed that I don't really care. Tomorrow I am planning on starting to care and begin unscrewing myself by actually reading the book that I have sofar ignored very succcessfully. Let's just hope I manage to acknowledge its existence and befriend it enough to pull off the question based on the bloody book. My own fault really...

Oh I'm selling my Jimmy Choo's by H&M, interested or know someone interested please let me know. They're eu size 39:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Neeeej, varför kunde det inte vara storlek 37?!! De är ju helt fantastiska! Varför säljer du dem kvinna? Dem borde du hålla hårt i :-)

  2. Haha, ja jag vet! men jag har bara använt dom en gång och jag behöver pengarna om jag ska vara ärlig... vi ses imorgon =)