17 januari 2011

Itsy bitsy spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Based on a true story

itsy bitsy spider crawled behind the bed
down came the panic and Maddie rushed away
home came Lisa as frightened as her friend
itsy bitsy spider didn't want to stay


itsy bitsy spider crawled up the wall instead
Madeleine and Lisa didn't dare to stay
Random dude in hallway vacuumed the spider out
itsy bitsy spider may you rest in peace

What's the odds of two girls who both border on having arachnophobia end up as room mate? I guess pretty good cause yesterday involved a lot of high pitch screaming, crying, nervous giggling and running. After an hour of this we decided to try a neighbour despite the late hour. Luckily for us a guy just came home, or came to visit someone, and he seemed very amused by the whole scenario. I don't blame him...

Pathetic really...

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