24 januari 2011

Food inc.

I'm back on documentaries... It's addictive, you see one you just crave another, and another, and another...
Food inc was the latest one I watched, it's about the food culture and regulations in America. Shocking! 
I can definitely recommend it, it poses interesting questions about where, how and when are food is produced. It also reveals the widespread corruption within the government and the big companies. Only four meat packing businesses controls over 80% of the entire market... Scary really. In average the food travels 1500 miles to the food stores... That, my friends, stands for a lot of the greenhouse emissions... I know Sweden isn't as bad, but it really gets to me how they treat the animals, makes me wonder what is hidden behind the fancy commercials where the cow has 2 acres of fields to calmly graze. Maybe Sweden is as bad, just in a smaller scale... In America is sure wasn't pretty. I know I'm sensitive but dude, tears, lots of tears...
Casually picking up the chickens who've been trodded
to death or simply died from organ failure since they
have been genetically modified to grow faster,
causing organs to fail because they can't grow in the same
pace and their legs can't carry them for more than a
few steps. All for us to be able to enjoy a cheese burger...
Oh I could write essays about this, but I'm just going to say watch it. If you want to know more you can visit their website here.

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