13 februari 2013

Fringe Festival

I love when there are lots of things going on in Perth! We've been hanging out quite a bit at the Fringe Festival, going to different shows and just having a drink at the beer garden. Pretty good life. I'm slowly getting out of my jetlag. No more putting cummin spice in my coffee..... It's been three days of 40+ degrees and I have been struggling. I love the warm weather but when it's too hot to sleep it's simply too hot. Luckily there's been beach activities and cooler evenings at the festival!
We've seen a contemporary dance which was gorgeous, the 100 year celebration of UWA, a music show about heart break which was brilliant and a comedy show called Morgon West. Two spiffing young Brits supposedly from the 19th Century doing lots of magic tricks. Really entertaining!

I've also met some folks who I'll be going on this Road Trip to End Poverty with. I'm excited!

Basket lights. Just casually...
Gorgeous light installment in King's Park

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