24 november 2010

Working the christmas feel

Went into Lund today for our first real lecture, subject: Globalisation. Our lecturer is awesome. I'm not kidding he's the coolest teacher ever, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Day!
Skåne has snow!
 After class Lisa, my future flatmate, came with me home and we made famous swedish saffron buns: Lussekatter!
Dough was too big for my biggest pot =(
Glögg, pepparkakor and lussebullar!
Can't get much better...
We also went to a lecture by Amnesty on a case in Mexico. Two girls had been raped by the military, a big problem in the Guerrero region and close regions. Drugs, money, power... So sick of it. Back to christmas!

One of my favourite songs, despite everything is still this Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas is You!

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