02 november 2010

Fully packed!

This weekend has not provided much sleep!
Dinner, wine and board game with classmates

Lone lives outside Lund at a collective,
extremely cosy with the smell of horses outside...
Which everyone who has been riding loves...

Halloween vampire
Halloween party in Annika's corridor
Annika is in the white dress, who
knows what she's doing....
Friday was a success, a great night with my classmates playing Alias (which me and Julia rocked!), drinking nice wine and talking. I went on to Annika and the halloween party, crazy meat market but good dancing! They had made blood out of sirup and red caramel colour, very sticky! They still have hand marks on the wall!
The early night I was going to attempt became nothing more than a really weak attempt, ended up going to bed 4 am...

Up and out to meet JULIA! YAAAAAY!
We spent the day walking around Malmö, showed her my favourite café (Njutbar) and second hand shop (Made By No One), I bought a pair of boots on sale! After a successful day we went on to get ready for the night.
Met up with Patrick and had dinner in Lund, film night at his friend's corridor, massive fail cause we couldn't agree on a film so 2 hours later we decided to watch the big bang theory, go to the corridor party next door, left 5 min later and Julia and I took the bus back to Malmö. Went to a club clled Babel, good soul and funk music but the people weren't as great. Two 18 year olds very pathetically tried to get me and Julia to get them into the club, one of them knocked me in the head when trying to put his arm around Julia. That's when I'd really had it! Got them to leave us alone, a rude man pushes his way through the queue yelling VIP VIP, idiot... Get in, rude man's friend starts dancing around me and Julia and asks me if I like the song.. I said yes I do. "Really?! It's soo cheesy!", so I answer, in a pleasant way - Why don't you go hang by the bar and wait for the next song then? Rude man turns a little nuts, repeating my words in a little girl's voice. Next thing I know he's stalking me around the dance floors and ultimately sprays my back with beer... By then I'd had enough so we went home, watched how I met your mother and went to bed.
Just a little tired....

Also just a little tired but...

very excited about Copenhagen!

Botanic Park

We had to wait 10 minutes to
take this picture so damnit
it's going on the blog!
Sunday in Copenhagen, we strolled in the Botanic Park, visited the State Museum of Art, and walked around looking at buildings, past Ströget, kept walking towards the station again. After 4 hours of constant walking (Julia and I walk rather fast...) our legs were screaming to sit down. Home sweet home we had a proper French night reminiscing Paris times... Our nice wine, La Grola from Allegrini, was corked but honestly I don't think either of us needed wine, we would have fallen asleep! Cheese platter was more than enough when we cried our way through The Notebook...

Day spent in Lund, tried to find the architects as Julia wants to apply for next year... No lectures on, shame...
Met up with her friend Julia, had a coffee and then Julia got on the train out... You will be missed my darling!
I managed to buy two of my course books second hand and saved at least 500 SEK! Went to school, studied efficiently for an hour, went to Marcus to pick up my camera, forgot it Friday night, stayed for a nice dinner, watched Top Model and Paradise Hotel... It's nice to watch these braindead shows sometimes, especially since I don't have a TV!

That was my weekend... Time for school now!

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