03 november 2010

Greg Stone: Saving the ocean one island at a time

I received my stainless steel bottle today! It's light, convenient and wine red, it's perfect! While on the subject of reusable bottles to replace the disposable toxic plastic Greg Stone held a speech at TED.com about the Phoenix Islands in the middle of the the Pacific ocean. The country of Kiribati owns the islands which possess a great sea life, very unexplored, untouched and on the verge of becoming exploited as corporations and countries are looking for new waters to fish in and Kiribati is too poor to refuse. Luckily Stone and his colleagues has appealed to governments, organisations and among others National Geographic to protect this area from fishing by paying the country to preserve its natural resources. 

It's especially interesting to see that an unpolluted and undisturbed area can recover so quickly from natural disaster such as coral bleaching... Hopefully we will continue preserving one island at a time until we realise that we need to preserve the planet as a whole to preserve life as we know it. Small steps...

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