10 november 2010

Oxford Street

Today I got on the flight to London town! I met Claire, an English girl, at the airport. Moved here for a Swedish boy, surprise...! Really nice girl, we ended up chatting away the entire delayed (!) flight, first time I didn't get to hear the victory song "you have arrived on yet another on-time flight, congratulations"... as if it something to brag about, should be obvious I think... 

We began our day with a much needed lunch before we headed in to Oxford Street to check out some of the big department stores, Debenhams, Selfridges and Liberty.

Giant sparkle shoe in Selfridges new shoe department
Designer vintage section at Liberty's

Love her being wrapped in fabric
Jemma tried on her first bridal dresses! 
At Selfridges, as in many places, you ahve to book an appointment and pay to try on dresses but here we were just able to waltz in and poke around among these designer dresses (on sale though). We looked and looked for the staff and when we finally found one and asked if Jem could try it on she just said yes but you have to go in to the dressing room... Well, daah? Three gorgeous dresses, one winner. The hunt is only just beginning though...
Carnaby Street
proudly holding my Liberty bag

Finally found Wellies!
I bought Wellingtons, a dress and an adapter from tie rack, who knew tie rack would stock adaptors?! I'm happy though, got my British number as well, getting into the society one piece after another. After a successful, bit expensive round we met up with Jethro (Mr Fiancé) and went to an Italian restaurant in Soho, I won't tell you which one partly because it was shit and they tried to rip us off. It is a really cheap restaurant, not really known for their amazing cooking but rather their amazing prices. We decided to splash out on a "green planet" bottle of wine for £16 but got the house wine, yet when the bill came and I had a quick look I saw they charged us for the more expensive one... Honest mistake? Don't think so...

It was a really nice day rounded up with Hazelnut baileys with swedish oboy and vanilla ice-cream in lush cocktail glasses in front of How I Met Your Mother. Does it get any better? Doubt it....

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