18 november 2010


So! Finally some time over... I have spent every day from 9 am to 5-6 pm at the Hart Library in Soton writing my f*ing exam. The first question makes me so annoyed that I will continue with the fun things I've done this week!
Remember everyone from Paris? Here's an update:
Phil "the irish" Chambers
Who can forget
 Joe "the mystery man" and
björnen Björn"?!
Sexy EnrrrriquE!
Great reunion!
Darling Anton
Let's not forget Jono and my reason for being here, Fynn... So I arrived Friday night to a big party in Anton's flat, dancing and drinking, some of us made it to the student club Sobar, where Fynn and I danced the night away. Saturday morning we visited one of the world's heritage sites: Stonehenge!

It was 9 pounds to get in and stand 10 metres from the stones so like cheap students we watched it from behind the fence... I sat on Fynn's shoulders to try to get  pic without the fence (if you are observant you'll see the fence and a man in a hat in the right corner...) Off we went again, destination: not quite sure, Avesbury, Ailesbury, ended up in Marlborough... A really picturesque little town where Björn and the swedes (+Enrique) got to taste their first Fish and Chips...
Happy and full we continued our search for some other random stones in what I think was Avesbury, by this time it was dark so once we got the the fields we couldn't relly see them anyway. Fail. With our spirits still high we continued to Salisbury, one of my favourite places so far in England!
Giant, very believeable, man.
Not many photos since it was dark,
this is definitely not the reason
it's on my top five places!
Dessert and coffee at a proper English pub
Sunday we played paintball! First time I ever play, must admit I was a bit terrified, especially when I found out that I was the only girl amongst 10 guys. Great. In the van there I got an overdose of manly banter, "walk of shame" yelling out the windows to random girls leaving houses and farts... My spirits were not high. We get to Delta Force and I figured, what the hell, why not right? I was mainly afraid of the pain of getting shot and you know what! I fucking ruled this game! I didn't get shot until the last game, and I managed to shoot at least five people out, hold my cabin and get fairly muddy. It was actually quite fun! As the wimp I am I got a bruise from the only ball that hit me....
Wet, sweaty and happy
The night we had a bbq in the freezing cold in Jono's house (which is a little cottage on the backyard, really nice!)

Had to put this picture in here
cause it represents everything
about Björn!
Monday I studied, Tuesday likewise, Wednesday studied and played squash for the first time, Fynn said I was really good and then he ruined it with: for being a girl... Gee thanks.- No I did actually appreciate it!
Today I finished my essays, which have been a pain in the behind! Honestly, I've used google docs cause I dont have word on my computer, and Fynn naturally doesn't have å,ä,ö on his so I had to write it, not knowing how many pages I wrote and not being able to do footnotes(!), transfer it to word in Fynn's computer and start adding all the footnotes. This, yesterday, is when I realise that I have 7 pages and I can have maximum 4. Great. Start cutting, it's only taken me three days to write this stupid too wide essay and now I have to narrow it even more?! I was in a complete break-down state. Today I finished the second and last question in one day. Difference was that this question you could structure and find things in the literature to support your claims... Whatever....
I've realised that we don't have enough pub quizzes and comedy nights in Sweden, it's awesome! Tuesday night I laughed my abs to soreness!
I shall go down and help my man make food. He's been very good writing his French essay...

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