11 november 2010

Jess, Urban Outfitters, Gauguin

Jess blessed us with her presence today and we went on our usual shopping mission beginning with Urban Outfitters! I bought a nice black dress, which is good, I'm been looking for dresses... Jess also bought a cute dress and Jemma invested in a pair of shoes. Continued on, walking through Covent Garden I found a pair of winter boots, which I decided to bought in the end. I did need them, so the only question was (is) bringing them home... Later problem...
Jess and Jem <3

I think you can almost tell that we
are cousins, no?

Lunch at Wahaca in Soho

Great Gauguin exhibition at Tate Modern
Jemma bought a pair of gorgeous shoes from Terra Plana, made ethically from renewable material! I'm quite happy with my shopping during this trip, I've actually only bought things I need, wellies, winter boots and two dresses... Well done I'd say.

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