10 november 2010

Landlord lunch, Deptford market and Greenwich

Slow morning, beautiful day...
Lulu loves her box
Promenade at the Deptford market in New Cross. Jemma found some cute wine glasses and she bought three dresses for £55 (of being a beautiful Dior dress) from "Rag n Bone" second hand shop. Worth visiting! I also bought Julia's present in here .....

Cool café in a train car
Train to Waterloo East to meet up with my new landlord at St Tomas Hospital. Lunch at a salad/sandwich bar not far from the hospital, good chat, really cool landlord, have a great feeling about this. He's a fan of "pay it back" so he wants to make it as easy and cheap as possible for us with the onyl condition that I pay it back to someone in the future. Like it! Contract nearly done and move in mid December, can't wait! He even said that I can't have a "little preparty, have a big party!". Great man.

Greenwich, Greenwich market, bought a top from Emma Nissim, made out of bamboo, ethical organic and all that =) Feel good!

Going to dance class now, interesting...

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