29 november 2010

IKEA and Lunda spexarna

A night of girltalk, glögg, gingerbread cookies, blue cheese, saffron buns and a nice wine is underestimated. Saturday night was spent in the company of lovely Julia and Annika and it was a very cosy and nice evening. Am I getting old prefering these nights to drunken dancing on an overcrowded dance floor where people basically push you around to the rhythm of the music...? Luckily I have Annika to pull back my old-lady-tendencies ;)

Sunday morning my values were subjected to contradiction. I propagate the aware consumption, shop to your needs rather than your wants. However, being a member of Unicef I was to market their stuffed animal campaign at IKEA to encourage people to buy. For each animal sold IKEA would donate 10 SEK to Unicef and Save the childen, great... but what about sustainability? I struggled with giving out free balloons in order to make people buy something they don't need for a good cause. Does the  justify the means? I don't think so and I will probably not participate again because I think people should donate because they have the resources and agree with the moral obligation to help less fortunate... If you go to IKEA and want to contribute you can do it without buying unnecessary objects, there are several signs everywhere telling you how to.

Either case, it was a fun day and it was about to get much better!

I met up with Julia and Annika and went to boxing exercise and oh my gosh my legs hurt! Time to start exercising a bit more, this is tragic... Julia and I walked in pain to AF-borgen to see the best comedians in Lund; Lunda spexarna. Lots of political jokes, great singing and clever remarks, such a great show, can't remember the last time I laughed so much! Do not miss it next year!

This new course has really pumped up the pace, I actually study like a full-time job now to be able to read everything. It's so interesting though, talking about international and national law at the moment, it's going very quickly but our teacher is funny, inspiring and knows her shit.

In the cold winter my skin is cracking like the dry earth of the Sahara so to continue hand hygiene I need hand creme! I bought a metal jar from Nivea, might no be the best one but its easy to bring along and I'll be able to refill it constantly instead of buying the little plastic bottles...
Lots of snow!

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