04 november 2010

The Studio

After class I met up with my dear mother, we had lunch at Njutbar when I suddenly see that the second-hand shop across the street just lit up. Now, this shop I pass constantly but it has never been open. So naturally I grabbed my coat and rushed across the street and before she'd even removed her coat I knocked and stepped in with a smile of a child on christmas... As I suspected this little vintage boutique stores a selection of little jewels. I finally, finally found a that perfect hat fit for a cat like moi! I've been on the look for so long! I also found a leather backpack, which I have also been on the hunt for.... Score! It doesn't stop there though... She has the most amazing fur jackets. I tried one and she wants 500 for, that's nothing! Well, it's a lot but for a fur coat of that quality it really is a bargain... I could probably have spent an entire day in there and still not be done.... It's a little treasure room right on my street! (Stora Nygatan, in case anyone wants to know...)
I love my old-man's hat!
At one point we simply had to get going since mum had booked time at The Studio for a photo shoot. My mum, who hates standing in front of the camera, she runs from the camera quicker than I run from spiders... But, well, one has to face ones fears at some point. (and no I am not facing any spiders...)
It all started well, we registered and yeah, that's were the "well" stopped... No place to sit. Half an hour later, two chairs are free... We sit down and I figured that I'd try to read a bit but I gave up as soon as I opened the book since half of Malmö's small-children families had decided to come and do a family photograph... Children were crawling about all over the place like little cockroaches leaving traces of cookies, sweets and drewl wherever you looked. See cockroaches you can step on and they die, children you can step on but the kid will scream loader and you have to deal with an angry mother so it's simply not worth it... As the child-loving person I am (often!) this was simply not the time and place for lots of the little creatures... It was hot and we had to wait 2 hours, 2 HOURS, to get into make-up, and that was done in less than 15 minutes... So we had to wait another hour!!! to take the actual photos... Done in 20 minutes maybe, then we had to wait 20-30 min to look at the photos! Out of the five hours experience I think we waited away four... 
Here is the result, the very expensive result.....

There actually were a lot of good photos but honestly it's not worth paying that much for simple photographs... I love having two good photos of me and mum together!

When we finally could leave the Turning Torso and The Studio we met up with Sven and had dinner at the Rosegarden not far from Gustav Adolfs Square, big buffee for 229:- loads of really good food, well worth the money! 

Time to get ready for bed,
have a good night!

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