25 februari 2011

Lovely day, drunken evening

Annabel and I have been very ambitious and managed to get up at a very early hour to enjoy a good session of morning yoga. or something... No it was very nice, problem was that I think the both of us were fairly hungover from the night before. Very pleasant evening with sparkling wine and sharing of nice little treats from a bakery, thank you Sara!, followed by a trip to Sydskånska to enjoy well-filled wineglasses for little money and a difficult musicquiz. Best thing with having people with no bar experience is that they have no idea on how much wine to pour in a glass! Very good value. To think if it, that day was a great day, yoga followed by a trip to the botanic garden, absolutely beautiful, made me want spring and sun and heat and blooming flowers and trees and singing birds uh. summer...
Here are some interesting articles, first on luxury electric car and second on Obama's high speed rail plans for the US...

Just watching Parlamentet with my dad and little sister, amazingly enough we haven't argued... yet. Enjoyed a really nice dinner and a fun family game session, good evening. Tomorrow is an early morning to catch a plane to *drumroll* London!! Wooo!

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