11 februari 2011

Bengt Frithiofsson

A faithful soldier in the armé of Bacchus, Bengan seduces the crowd with his wit and wisdom of the world of wine.
There is no one like him, with his windswept look and his love for the art of winemaking he intoxicates his listeners like a good vintage wine... He came into the room with authority and of course, a glass of red and began the lecture with an interesting simile. Like the lion hunts and kills the weak and the old of buffalos, wine kills off a number of our brain cells... But it kills the weak and the old so what does it matter?!

The weekend is coming up and I want to leave you with this advice. It is cold, it is dark, it is raining, but fear not the spring is nearing! Until then, take the time to enjoy a good bottle of red. Not just any cheap bottle but go for a really nice full-bodied wine filled with aroma and flavour! Enjoy it before it is time to go over to the rosés and the whites, cause in the cold winter evening, what is better than some cheese, good company and a bottle of red!?

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