09 februari 2011

Long overdue

My boyfriend reminded me that I have a blog today and my mum called to check on me cause I haven't written in so long so I figured this entry was long overdue...

Fynn's been here and it hasn't left much time for bloggin, none in fact. But to sum up the past week then:
It's been some days with great weather, Fynn found a little lonesome ski and decided to try out Lund's wonderful hills. (Probably the only hill in Skåne... So flat!)
 I kept working on the piano... The next session is also long overdue...
In the end of the week we made a visit to Helsingborg, walked about in the city for a while in the cold nasty weather before we decided a café was way nicer to hang out until the show at Wallmans was going to start. Despite seeing the show on multiple occasions I enjoyed it and so did Fynn! Unfortunately we had to split in the middle of the show to catch the last train to G-burg... Saturday we took the ferry out to Hönö and spent the day walking aroun the island despite the issued storm warning. It was a lovely very windy day, finished off by a very well-tasting fish soup, chess and my poor sweetie even agreed to play horse with my sister. I'm impressed!

Before going back to Lund after my mini holiday I managed to catch up with aussie Amanda for some sushi, Emelie for afternoon fika and old room mate and friend Farre to get my Marc Jacobs umbrella back. Just in time for the rain as well!

Back in Lund I feel like I'm drowning in reading yet I have spent more time learning about sharks than discrimination so far... Which ends this entry cause studying is long overdue...

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