22 februari 2011

A steak for everyone?

On the swedish, svtplay.se, you can watch a documentary, similar to food inc but focused on the more parts of the world. Brasil is quickly becoming on the the largest exporter of meat. As the meat production increases the rainforest is decreasing to beome pasture. When the land is ruined it is cheaper to chop down more rainforest than to regrow the grounds...

Scientists are researching ways of cutting the impact on environment caused by cow's breathing of methane and pigs pooping fosfor. Methane is one the biggest contributors to global warming and fosfor is essential for all life and plants but in excess it causes too much plant growth, especially of algae which then makes the water cloudy and blocks the sunlight from entering into the water. The dead algae also takes a lot of oxygen to break down forcing animals to move from the area and lots of other biological bad processes go down. The UN resently published a research showing that meat production stands for 18% of the greenhouse gases.

A Belgian environmentalist introduced the campaign of one meat free day a week and the concept is constantly growing! Visit the UK website sponsored by Goodlife and start experimenting with vegetarian food. You'll be surprised by the opportunities!

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